Stage 1: Move Along

Description: This site seems awfully suspicious, do you think you can figure out what they’re hiding?

Clicking the link brings you to the webpage:


The page didn’t have anything interesting; nothing to click on or highlight, just the image.

My next step was to view the source:


Decided to click on the img src link to the jpg, which didn’t give me anything I wasn’t expecting, just the image from the main page.

I did notice that the jpg was was nested in a directory named “move_along”:


So my next instinct is to see if I can traverse to the move_along directory, and I can:


Doing so reveals another directory with 32 hex characters, presumably the MD5 of something.

Clicking into the directory shows that there is another jpg, named secret.jpg:


Clicking on the link reveals a new image, with the flag:



Flag = IceCTF{tH3_c4t_15_Ou7_oF_THe_b49}